Report: rampant corruption within Metro Gang Strike Force

Categories: Crime, Police
The Department of Public Safety today released its long-awaited report on the infamous Metro Gang Strike Force... and it ain't pretty.

The Metro Gang Strike Force, you might recall, first attracted state officials' attention in the spring after it was discovered that the unit was doing a suspiciously shitty job of keeping track of valuable evidence seized in the field. On the day officials announced a more thorough probe would soon be underway, members made haste to Strike Force's New Brighton offices and shredded documents.

Today's finding confirms even the worst suspicions.

For starters, the Strike Force, contrary to its name, wasn't dedicated to fighting gangs. At least not as "gangs" are commonly defined. Rather, Strike Force members seemed to take "gang members" to mean "any person of color." The Strike Force "saturated" (their term) predominately black neighborhoods where arresting officers had free reign to do... well, pretty much anything. Teenagers carrying small baggies of personal-use pot--normally a $200 misdemeanor, if anything--had their wallets/money confiscated by the men in blue, ostensibly for evidence.

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