T-Paw spouts spectacular nonsense on Sean Hannity's show

Governor Tim Pawlenty was on Hannity's America last night to, among other things, serve up pre-scripted platitudes and pseudo-witticisms (i.e. "Having the Democrats watch your money and keep an eye over your money is like having Michael Vick watch your dog for the weekend." Get it? See it's funny because Michael Vick used to kill dogs! ha ha lol)

In case you missed it, take a gander.

On first listen, it seems innocent enough. Softball questions abound, to be sure, but this is Sean Hannity interviewing the GOP's golden boy, for chrissakes-- whaddya expect? But one bit of verbiage made us throw up a little bit on our coffee table. Asked about Attorney General Eric Holder's investigation into the CIA's use of torture during interrogations, T-Paw had this to say: 

We should not be prosecuting individuals who are working hard day in and day out to protect this country. In many cases, risking their own lives. These individuals should be, you know, encouraged and supported in their roles. But to have -- see the CIA basically have this taken away from them I think is outrageous.

The attorney general should be reminded we are still a nation at war and CIA shouldn't stand for "can't interrogate anyone."

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