Timberwolves front office not fucking around

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It's hard to get excited about NBA basketball around these parts, we realize. The Twin Cities host a franchise that epitomizes mediocrity.

But you have to hand it to new Timberwolves President David Kahn on one count: in the three months since taking over the reigns, Kahn has shown notable aggression in revamping the floundering franchise. Today ESPN.com went so far as to call the wheeling-and-dealing "one of the most profound and rapid rebuilds the NBA has ever seen."

The Wolves have brought on board, let's see, a new president, a new coach, at least eight new players, and (we can only assume) new dancers, new ballboys, new urninal cakes, new name-it. Two centerpieces remain: Al Jefferson, the team's only elite All-Star calibre player, and second-year power forward Kevin Love, a scrappy rebound-machine who, if he continues to build on the improvement he showed during the second half of last season, will take some people by surprise this year. 

Kahn and Co. are clearly taking the long view, as is the team's newly christened head coach. Kurt Rambis gamely insisted on a four-year contract when he signed on, which means he'll be around to see how all this tinkering plays out. The Rubio Situation remains up in the air.

The shake-up will continue into past this coming season; the Wolves will have at least $10 in salary cap space just in time for the free agent bonanza of 2010, which includes Amare Stoudemire, Yao Ming, Michael Redd, Tracy McGrady, Manu Ginobili, Dwayne Wade, and LeBron James (dream on), among others.

Let's be real though: we're not looking at a Championship-contending, or even Playoff-, team just yet. But as the above-referenced ESPN.com feature notes, "This is the kind of rebuild that many teams are too timid to attempt, and it's fun to see it in action. It'll take years, however, to know whether it's brilliant, insane, or somewhere in between."

Even if it the plan goes to shit, we'll take insane ambition over measured mediocrity anytime. Especially now. 

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