UFO experts want to know what's on the bottom of Sylvan Lake

Photo by Paul L. Nettles
When a woman reported large waves coming from the middle of Sylvan Lake in a swirling motion, UFO investigators couldn't resist looking into the odd report.

The woman's account was credible according to police. She said she thought the waves resembled those created by a helicopter. But when police went out on the lake to look for a possible debris from a plane or boat wreck, they couldn't find anything.

During a second search, officials said they spotted an object the size of a dryer on the bottom of the lake. They are planning to pull it out in the next couple weeks.

Could it be a UFO settled on the lake bottom?

On Friday, an investigator for the Mutual UFO Network showed up at the scene. He says they received multiple reports on their website about the sighting and want to see if it could be of interest to their organization.

Check out the KSTP report:

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