10 Epic Sports Fail Moments

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Yesterday we reported that Brett Favre might've cracked a rib, or as we put it on Twitter, "needs a band-aid for his boo-boo." The whole scenario smelled a little funny, and we don't mean Favre's stanky-ass pads. No, we detected the acrid odor of FAIL. And it got us thinking back to a few other memorable moments of sports fail.


1. Portland Trail Blazers select future nobody Sam Bowie in 1984 draft over little known North Carolina prospect Michael Jordan. And kicked themselves collectively for the next 19 years.

2. Jose Canseco allowing a home run by causing a fly ball to bounce off his head and over the fence. Classically beautiful fail.


3. Beckham to the U.S. A bigger misallocation of American dollars than the Star Wars defense system and charter schools combined. But damn does he look good with Posh Spice on his arm.

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