DeRusha Day is actually going to happen

Can you believe this dude got his own day?
​In early August, Hart Van Denburg penned a cheeky story about the power of social media to carry a joke.

It started when WCCO Good Questioner Jason DeRusha noticed it was National Cheesecake Day and wondered aloud what it would take to get a "DeRusha Day."

Well, Jason has quite an online following--it's not for nothing that City Pages named him "Best Online Personality" in this year's Best Of's. People picked up the idea, made posters, started an official online petition.

And I just learned a few minutes ago that R.T. Rybak has signed off on the official proclamation establishing an honest-to-God DeRusha Day on Monday, September 21. Take the jump and gaze upon the proclamation in all it's glory (you may even be mentioned).

jason_derusha_day_01 (Medium).jpg

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