Fargo man allegedly tried to kick his feces at police

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There's something to be said for winning over the hearts and minds of a police officer when you are in a sticky situation. Anyone who can make a cop feel a little sympathy can usually get off a little easier than if they were a pain in the ass. Unfortunately this man decided kicking his own shit at officers would be a better method of success.

Police responded to a party at the home of Dennis Fike, 64, Friday night.

"Sometime during that contact, Mr. Fike pulled his pants down, defecated on the floor, made a comment to the officers and, at which point, attempted to kick fecal matter at the officers who were present," Sgt. Ross Renner told the Fargo Forum.

Apparently Fike said he had to go to the bathroom and police said they didn't have enough officers on the scene to let him do that. So he just took a shit right there instead.

The report claims he "attempted" to kick the fecal matter, so he must not have been successful. He probably had one messy shoe that was a real joy to be wearing while he was detained.

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