Best Buy "scary" technology contest encourages tech junkies to steal from Grandma

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It's time to go over to Grandma's and dig around in the basement. You know she's got her first TV down there somewhere. Pile up your car with ancient technology, spread it around your living room and really shock Best Buy with your ability to live like a dinosaur. No Nintendo? No color TV? No cell phone? There must be something wrong with you!

Best Buy has a contest this month for the people with the scariest technology around. If that's not you, it's not hard to pretend if you're desperate enough for some new junk for your place. We have to admit their contest promo is almost scarier than digging around in a hoarder's basement. Watch if you dare.

Best Buy is asking people to submit a photo of their "scary" technology with a 140-character caption. Contestants with the more creative, original, and readable entries will win.

Grand prize winner gets a home theater makeover, a digital camcorder and a $2,500 gift card for more stuff or a Geek Squad installation. One person gets a $1,500 gift card and another gets a $1,000 gift card.

I like to scare myself! (Thanks, Radio AAHS. A special place in our hearts.)

To enter, click here.


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