Columbus day: Some businesses still care enough to close

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It's Columbus Day and that means a few remaining businesses use the "holiday" to take a day off from work. God Bless 'Em.

Hey, you might still have to work, but think about this. Parking meters in Minneapolis and St. Paul aren't enforced! Go wild! Eat out! Shop like you mean it! Those quarters can't stop you now.

More details on closures so you don't get screwed:

 MAIL: Post offices are closed, so don't expect any mail today. You can still drop off mail at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport location and you'll still receive Express Mail.

PARKING: Parking meters won't be enforced in Minneapolis or St. Paul, but the University of Minnesota and Minneapolis parks will unless the meter says otherwise.

CITY: Minneapolis city offices are closed, but most others city and state offices are open, including St. Paul.

Everything else should be open normal hours. That includes supermarkets, malls, and libraries, so don't ask. Buses run regular Monday schedule.

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