Larry King presses Bachmann on birthers, (kind of) gets an answer

Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared on Larry King Live last night and it appears she was pressured into talking about topics she didn't exactly want to focus on during her time in the spotlight. Unfortunately she's made a name for herself talking about non-issues and is now in a position to keep up that persona to keep cable TV interested. Sad life, huh?

King played a clip of South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham calling questions about President Obama's birth certificate or accusations that he is a Muslim "crazy" and Republicans must distance themselves from those claims and get back to the real issues of the day.

King then asked Bachmann if she agreed with Graham. Check out the clip below. Prepare to feel really uncomfortable.

She also gave King a good laugh when she claims "American people are looking to voices like" Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck. Check out the clip:

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