Neo-Nazi demonstration drowned out by counter-protesters

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Photo by MalleableExit
Word spread around local organizations that neo-Nazis planned to visit Minneapolis this weekend to protest an anti-white-supremacy workshop at the south Minneapolis YWCA. Well it wasn't hard to quickly outnumber the lone four neo-Nazis who actually showed up.

According to a Twin Cities Daily Planet report, there were more than 200 counter-protesters, 20 journalists, and 10 police officers at the demonstration. Talk about over planning for a couple loser dudes, right? Better safe than sorry.

The men called themselves members of the National Socialist Movement. This was the first demonstration by the group of homophobic and anti-semitic white supremacists since a 2007 book burning event. The stayed on scene for about 30 minutes and then were escorted to their car by police.

A KSTP video report:

TC Daily Planet has some photos of the demonstrations. Twin Cities IndyMedia also has photos of the event.

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