Rybak casually announces he's running for Governor

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No more "very likely." He said he's running.

This morning, RT Rybak casually announced he's running for governor to City Pages at the AFL-CIO forum held at the Ramada Inn. While waiting to take the stage alongside the other DFL gubernatorial candidates, and Mayor Chris Coleman, he took the time to come up and shake City Pages's hand. It was in this brief moment he allowed his mouth to slip out the words many wanted to hear.

What follows is the brief interaction:

CP: Hey, RT.

RT: Hi. I'm RT Rybak. How's it going?

CP: Good man. How's it going today?

RT: Oh you know, running for mayor, running for governor... busy.

Running for Governor?!

Yes. Rybak not only casually announced he's running for governor, he said it like he's already in the process (Big shock.) Anyhow, Mayor, thank you for choosing City Pages to spread the news. We heart.

(And Mayor Coleman, any time you feel like it, we'll listen, too.)

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