Twin Cities ranked smartest, cleanest in U.S. by Travel & Leisure

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Visitors to the Twin Cities apparently see us as smart, well-kept, not bad looking, and boring, if you believe the latest rankings from Travel & Leisure, which came out this week.

The magazine's annual readers poll placed Minneapolis/St. Paul first among 30 U.S. cities in intelligence and cleanliness. We also scored high in safety (2nd), public parks (3rd), friendliness (5th), and theater and music (3rd and 8th, respectively). The Twin Cities also came in an above-average 10th in the attractiveness of its residents.

On the down side, travelers also seem to think we're hopelessly dull. The Cities ranked 24th out of 30 as a place to go for a wild weekend, 29th as a destination for spring break, 21st for a romantic getaway, 20th in stylishness, and 8th for a family vacation (yawn). We're No. 9 for peace and quiet (yeah, thanks), and 23rd for people-watching.

But visitors do like our airport (mostly firsts and thirds; nothing lower than 8th). Oh, and they think our weather stinks (28th).

See the full rankings here.

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