Rehab for Wis. mayor after drunkenly saying sister-in-law gives "one helluva hummer"

Categories: Weird Wisconsin
It's the YouTube era and that means any drunken bar comment could be an Internet sensation with the upload of a secret video. One Wisconsin mayor learned the hard way.

A video appeared on YouTube last month showing Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan drunk in a bar talking on the phone. When he gets off the phone, he starts talking sexually about his wife's sister, proclaiming he's heard she gives "one helluva hummer." Still waiting for confirmation on that, but there's nothing wrong with some good vibrations.

Now the mayor says he will accept the council's censure, but he will not resign. Instead he is going to alcohol rehab. He is also accused of firing an employee after she refused his sexual advances.

Check out the video below.

Check out his apology (video) here.

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