Drunk man drove circles with 7-year-old on top of car

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It's one thing to go out for a drunken joy cruise alone if you are a boozed-up idiot, but offering a 7-year-old a sweet ride on top of your car is probably an epic fail in anyone's book. Worst babysitter ever.

Robert Wayne Christgau, 56, was allegedly driving circles near his Austin apartment Thursday night with a 7-year-old boy on top of the car roof. He's been charged with drunk driving and child neglect. He also left a 3-year-old boy alone in his apartment.

When another man saw this happening, he pulled Christgau out of the car and stopped him from leaving the scene after calling police.

More from the Rochester Post-Bullein:
Deputies found Christgau standing next to his vehicle with an open can of beer on its roof, the complaint says. Christgau allegedly smelled strongly of alcohol and failed sobriety tests, later testing at a 0.14 percent blood-alcohol level, which is higher than the state's 0.08 percent legal limit for driving.

Christgau, who returns to court Dec. 3, allegedly admitted driving with the 7-year-old on the roof and drinking alcohol before doing so.

The witness told authorities he saw the 7-year-old riding on the roof with his legs hanging over the windshield. At one point, he saw Christgau crash the car into the apartment's front steps, the complaint says.

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Wow this is a crazy story. My brother works in an auto body shop in Quincy and he has some stories to tell, but non that are this crazy. I don't think that guy is going to be babysitting anymore. http://www.ayerscollision.com/

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