Fedor post-fight: Brett Rogers and the damage done

Fedor4 (Medium).JPG
Kevin Hoffman/City Pages
Fedor Emilianenko, at the press conference after his fight vs. Brett Rogers
If it's possible to win even in losing, Brett Rogers did just that during Saturday's Strikeforce event, nationally televised on CBS.

The St. Paul native ultimately got knocked out in the second round, but not before putting on a much better than expected performance in the first. Fedor, who was widely favored, was left with a broken nose, a damaged hand, and a post-fight trip to the hospital.

Noting that he had dispatched two former UFC champions with greater ease and far less damage, Fedor declared Rogers one of the top two or three best heavyweights in the world and offered him a rematch down the road.

We took these pictures as the post-fight press conference was breaking up. Fedor had a large hematoma on his forehead reminiscent of Gorbachev; his broken nose was covered with a band-aid but still weeped puss. He returned from the hospital with a soft cast on his left hand.

Fedor 1 (Medium).JPG
Kevin Hoffman/City Pages

"The Last Emperor" looked wounded after his bout with Brett Rogers.

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