Autistic boy ' loves animals,' shoots horses

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Photo by Tambako the Jaguar
A Scott County father who insists that his 13-year-old autistic son  "loves animals" has taken the boy's .22-caliber rifle away after a neighbor's horses suffered gunshot wounds..

Tim Duffrin, of New Market Township, told KARE 11 that one of his horses, Hope, was shot in the face, shoulder and back, and Duchess, Hope's mother, was shot in the face. Blood was evidently "just gushing" from the horses' noses, but the two animals are expected to be OK.

Duffrin traced the shooting back to the teenager after his wife, Kim, said she saw one of the horses bleeding as she was leaving for work, and after a carpenter working on the couple's house heard bullets "hitting the ground near where he was working."

Duffrin told KARE 11 his wife saw the boy running away from the scene.

"The kid loves animals. We all love animals," the boy's father said, but "he will not have a gun again."

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