Jesse Ventura on WWE Raw: The Body returns to form

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ventura conspiracy sq.jpg
Courtesy TruTV
Clad in a red alligator skin jacket with his hair slicked back, and dishing out verbal assaults like the old days, former Minnesota Gov. Jesse "The Body" Ventura was back in prime time pro wrestling last night on WWE's "Monday Night Raw."

Now a part-time Baja California surfer whose career on the mat moved to the microphone after a bout of crippling blood clots, Ventura looked happy and commanding in his role as guest host and partner with Vince McMahon.

His spot coincides with his new show on TruTV, "Conspiracy Theory," in which he takes on questions surrounding 9/11, Manchurian candidates, secret socities and radio-wave mind control. 

Let's roll the tape:

And here, he gets down to bras tacks with Randy Orton:

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