The Trial of Tom Petters Day 5 is NSFW

November 3rd, the fifth day of the trial of Tom Petters.

Deanna Coleman took the stand again today. Assistant U.S Attorney Joe Dixon asked Coleman about about the weird financial dealings at PCI including the huge bonuses Petters paid his "Dream Team" of executives. Coleman wrote and Petters signed bonuses worth millions of dollars as Petters' companies lost money. Deanna Coleman admitted her bonuses were rewards for "doing what Tom said" which was helping Petters with the fraudulent deals. Coleman's bonuses were used to buy an expensive home and condos in Costa Rica. Tom Petters wrote himself a $90,000 Christmas bonus check to pay for a Bentley.

The tears started to gush when Dixon read a 2006 email to her from Tom Petters with this excerpt: "The reason I sent you flowers this week is I spent a fair amount of time crying about all I've done in my life."

Dixon asked Coleman if their relationship was intimate and Coleman said it was, but it ended in 2006.

We then heard Tom Petters crying on a recording Coleman made after she agreed to wear a wire. Petters was fearful that that he would be unable to pay back investors Bob Sabes and Jon Sabes he claimed were mobbed up. He claimed former Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch gave him a three-ring binder about the Sabes family connections to the mob.

"They would spend $50,000 to to have someone come out and kill you." Petters' despair reaches a climax as he cried, "We can't live in a world of shit anymore.... I just can't stand the fuckin' lies!"

The trial continues tomorrow with new witnesses.

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