The Trial of Tom Petters -- Day 16 features gondola sex NSFW

On the stand, Tom Petters admitted to telling his personal assistant that he had sex with Deanna Coleman in a gondola. Defense lawyer Jon Hopeman continued the direct examination of Tom 
Petters. Hopemen asked Petters to explain some of the incriminating 
remarks we heard on the recordings  and testimony of witnesses in the 

Petters said the business was filled "with nonsensical excuses and 

Petters said that faked purchase orders was the way they did business 
at PCI.

He also admitted to having been prescribed Adderall  and Klonopin for 
his ADD. He said the dosage was tripled and made him sound "like a 
maniac" on the tapes.

Petters got way emotional when Hopeman asked him about the day 
Petters resigned. He leaned back in his chair and choked back the tears.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Joe Dixon began the redirect examination by 
asking Petters about his tax returns that "year after year" showed 
"zero income".

Petters was evasive about the tax returns, blaming his accountant. He 
claimed he just signed the tax returns.

Dixon asked Petters whether he had sex with Deanna Coleman. At first, 
Petters refused to answer the question, but admitted he had a sexual 
relationship with her in Italy.

Dixon asked Petters if he had told his personal assistant,  David 
Margolis that he had sex with Deanna Coleman in a gondola. Petters 
said yes.

Dixon hammered away at Petters on his business dealings and the 
statements he made on tape and in emails that indicated he knew PCI 
was a fraud. Dixon told Petters he had "Ponzied" his father-in-law. 
Petters denied knowing he was running a Ponzi scheme.

When Dixon asked Petters about his Bentleys, Petters replied that he 
was not a "Bentley guy" after Dixon showed a receipt for one of posh 
cars, Petters said, "okay, I'm a Bentley guy".

Petters lost  his cool at times as Dixon pressed  Petters to admit 
PCI was a fraud that kept his other companies afloat. Petters 
admitted PCI was "the cash cow for all my companies" and that he was 
"involved" in the scheme, however he still maintained that he was not 
responsible for the scheme.

Dixon asked Petters if his former associates were "instruments of 
darkness", borrowing the phrase Jon Hopeman used in his opening 
statement. Petters said, "yes, they were my instruments".

Dixon said Petters former associates  had made millions of dollars 
and Petters took $400 million. Petters said, that's what got put in 
my companies".

There will be more testimony from Tom Petters and very likely closing 
statements tomorrow.

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