Wis. man built child porn shrine, included Hannah Montana, Olsen twins

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If you really love something, you might as well shout it from the rooftops. Or in the case of your extreme love of child porn, you might as well create an apartment shrine to keep you going all day long. Can't blame a guy for getting excited about the Olsen twins or Hannah Montana, right? Wrong.

A 53-year-old Kenosha man has been charged with 20 counts of child pornography possession after police found a child porn shrine in his apartment.

This shrine is horrifically impressive: Police found mannequins, child porn on DVD, and plenty of child porn photos. Pictures included young girls on area beaches and pictures of underage celebrity girls.

Some of the notables: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen poster that included a handwritten note reminding us all that they were 11-year-old in the photo and wanted him to perform oral sex on them. He also had a Hannah Montana lamp that said "Make Love to Me Mom" handwritten on it. He also had photos of Elizabeth Smart and Dakota Fanning.

Loud and proud, baby. That's how to roll. Now you look like a disgusting fool.

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