Suspected drunken driver's SUV totals Amish family's buggy

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amish buggy sign 217802783_1a227857fe.jpg
Photo by cloudsoup
This could have been so much worse: The Fergus Falls Daily Journal reports that an Amish couple and their 3-month-old child from Bertha were injured when a Jeep Grand Cherokee slammed into the rear of their horse-drawn buggy Monday night on a rural Otter Tail County road.

The guy driving the Jeep, James Miller, of Deer Creek, is suspected of drunken driving, and Sheriff Peter Mikkelson said a blood sample from the man has been sent for testing. He wasn't injured in the crash, but the three Amish were. Mikkelson told the newspaper he thought they'd already been treated and released from an area hospital. Their buggy was a total wreck, and their horse was also injured.

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