Apple Valley teenager charged with murdering cabbie

Categories: Crime
On August 1st, 18-year-old Abdirahman Abdiwaha Abdikarim allegedly robbed taxi driver Michael A. Palm, Jr, taking his cell phone - and then stabbed him repeatedly with a screwdriver in his face, neck, arms, and hand, killing the cabbie.

Luckily Abdikarim doesn't appear to be the brightest murderer on the block. You'd think with a past full of theft charges and warrants, he'd be a bit more careful after ending a life in cold blood.

But according to the cops, sourced in the Strib, he later bragged about the murder to a friend. They say he also used the dead man's cell phone, then tried to sell it.

According to one witness, who asked abdikarim where he'd found money, he also revealed that, "What I did, you do life for it, man, I can't tell you."

Now that Abdirahman faces a first degree murder charge and two counts of second-degree murder, it's looking more likely.

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