Cop's wife who said he beat her recants

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Image courtesy of Daniel Paquet

First, a St. Paul police officer's wife said that her husband beat her. Now that the case is in court, she says that she lied--testifying that he didn't hurt her after all.

Lisa Rinehart, 41, told a Ramsey County jury yesterday that she deliberately hit herself in the head by swinging a steel door into her face, according to the Pioneer Press. She initially came to Maplewood police on June 23 with a bleeding nose and told officers that her husband, St. Paul police officer Isaac Rinehart, had punched her in the face and ribs, according to the criminal complaint. She had broken bones in her face and ribs.

Rinehart testimony was not voluntary--she was subpoenaed. Maplewood police are sticking with the original version of events and still prosecuting the case. While only the Rineharts would know what really happened that night, battered women's advocates say that victims often lie to protect their abusive partners.

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