Drunk-driving mom blows .40--with kid in car

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drunk driving.jpg
Home page: Steve Brandon / Flickr; above: Brantford Selections / Flickr

They say there's no manual for how to be a parent, but if there were, we're guessing this would be covered in chapter 1. A 42-year-old mother driving with her eight-year-old son in the car was arrested in Inver Grove Heights Thursday for drunk driving--and then some, the Star Tribune reports. Police say the woman's breath test registered an astounding .40--five times the legal limit and close to the threshold for fatal alcohol poisoning. A 120-pound woman would have to consume more than 10 drinks to reach that level of intoxication.

Luckily a Cub Foods shopper saw the woman acting strangely in the store and called police as the mom got in her car with her kid. The woman was stopped not far away and taken to detox.

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