10 Things hipsters couldn't ruin in the '00s

Wes Winship for Burlesque of North America
Electronic music
You know what hipsters did to electronic music? A little thing they called Nu-Rave for two seconds. They started donning neons that were only acceptably obnoxious on kids with glow sticks and blasting Justice and old Haddaway in their hoopties. And when they finally found out about Daft Punk, they acted like they'd known the secret of the universe for years (sorry, Kanye says he got there first). Then they rained down on dance parties featuring DJs with names like "Mom Jeans" and acted like that anything goes vibe had just been invented in clubs and not in dirty warehouses decades ago. No, hipsters, you stake no claim to dance music. For that you'd need to actually know how to dance.

Macintosh computers
Ahh, the Macintosh, much-maligned sidekick to the on-the-go hipster. The kind who sits in the window seat of the coffee shop specifically to show off the logo on the back of his laptop. The kind who updates Facebook every time his Mac goes into the shop because he's too tech-illiterate to maintain the thing properly (and because we totally care). But let's face it...underneath all the snobbery and foolish hipster-centric branding, Macs are pretty good machines, and their service plan is top-of-the-line - and Apple taught Microsoft everything it knows. Really the only downside to Macs is that each one costs about as much as an aircraft carrier.

Coincidence or not, in the years after Alanis Morrisette (unintentionally) went meta by writing an ode to irony that mischaracterized the very definition of the word, irony was to be found in every facet of hipsterdom -- ironic clothing, ironic hobbies, ironic voting, even ironic bitching about the over-use of irony. But irony as a concept not only weathered the deluge, but gained a more legitimate, and potent, place in pop culture (see the rise of the Onion and Colbert Report). Appropriately deployed, irony will remain a legit rhetorical device that no number of trucker hats can make obsolete.

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