10 Things hipsters couldn't ruin in the '00s

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yugenro via Flickr.com
Actually liking things
Between the average hipster's love for all things ironic and a shared nostalgia for the more obnoxious parts of '80s and early '90s culture, this decade found twentysomethings parading around in ironic wolf t-shirts, reminiscing about crappy sitcoms, and competing in endless debates over who loves Journey and Styx the most. Somewhere in the mix, we almost forgot how to really, honestly enjoy things without feeling deeply ashamed or writing it off as a "guilty pleasure." Luckily, being a humorless a-hole is only fun for so long, and the majority of us understand that feeling actual joy about something isn't going to kill us.

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wow what an orignal article i have neever r eadany thing so funnny lol hipsteresw ith their irony i swear goldarnit where do u come up with this jokes????? too funny!


I actually really like journey and I'm proud of it. I think skinny pants are stupid especially when people sag with skinny pants. That is one of the stupidest things ever. I can't wait till this whole hipster trend is 10 years past and you allsee how stupid you looked and finally are ashamed of how you looked.


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