It's snowing! Where do I park?

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Even if you've lived in the Twin Cities a long time, those darn snow emergency rules can be confusing. Here's a primer:

On the first day of a snow emergency In Minneapolis--like TODAY--you can't park on a street with red and white snow emergency signs--at least if there's still snow there. That's because those streets are prioritized for plowing. But once the street has been cleared to the curb, it's park-able territory.

On the second day--i.e. TOMORROW--new rules start up. You can park on any street with Snow Emergency Route signs. You can park on the odd address side of non-snow emergency route streets, but not on the even.

The rules are similar for St. Paul, which is not going into snow emergency until 9 p.m.

Still confused? Check out the City of St. Paul and the City of Minneapolis's Web sites.


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