Michele Bachmann named "Crazy's rising star" by Salon

​It's a banner day for Michele Bachmann. She's walking back her embarrassingly accurate Charge of the Light Brigade statement, a GOP fundraising group just bailed on her, and now online magazine Salon has named her "Crazy's rising star."

Bachmann comes in behind 1. Glenn Beck and 2. the head of the "Birther" movement.

But our Crazy Congresswoman beats out famous philanderer Mark Sanford (4), Kanye "I'mma let you finish ..." West (7), and both Jon and Kate Gosselin (10).

Here's some of our favorite moments from Salon's tribute to our Crazy Congresswoman:

​Evidence that Michele Bachmann stepped in a bucket of crazy? Take your pick. Calling Barack Obama un-American? Check. Death panels? Check. Encouraging armed revolt? Check. Calls for mass self-mutilation and/or suicide to protest the Obama regime? Check.

Bachmann isn't just crazy, she's crazy's frothy-mouthed cheerleader.

Unbelievably to the rest of the world, Bachmann's two-year jag of crazy seems to have strengthened her hold on her seat...


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