Michele Bachmann's 10 biggest "Oh no she didn't" moments

There's no doubt she's the Wicked Witch of the Midwest. The only question is: How can someone so wrong in so many ways get elected? It's been a crazy ride through the Aughts with Ms. Bachmann - come along for a trip back through the high--or should we say low--lights.

10. It Begins...

Before Michele Bachmann secured her place in the pantheon of wingnuttery, she was a virtual unknown waging a state-level crusade against same sex marriage.  What separated her from other like-minded social conservatives were the theatrics she employed to draw attention to herself the issue.  Her unofficial coming-out party arrived on March 22, 2004, during an otherwise perfunctory committee hearing.  Thousands of anti-gay marriage rally had coalesced at the state capitol that afternoon,100 of which filed inside the Capitol building and took their place in the Senate gallery overlooking the proceedings. With a crowd on hand, Bachmann issued a motion to bypass the committee and have the floor vote on the bill right then and there--a highly unusual move in state Senate proceedings. Even more bizarre: While making her case, she addressed not the Senate floor as per protocol, but the gallery above.  The move turned more than a few heads among her colleagues and portended Bachmann's outlandish, rabble-pandering rhetorical style.

9. That one time she wouldn't stop touching the president

It's understandable that one could be overwhelmed when meeting someone as awesome as George W. Bush. That's the only excuse we can come up with as to why Michele Bachmann couldn't take her hands off him for a good 30 seconds after his 2007 State of the Union Address. It was a bizarre mix of fangirl and politics, which should never mix.

8. Bachmann hides in the bushes to spy on gay rights advocates

April 8, 2005: When Bachmann tried to force a floor vote to create a state constitutional amendment to ban civil unions for gay couples, the Senate told her to take a hike. So she did -- outside to the Capitol grounds, where she spent an unknown amount of time lurking behind the shrubbery, spying on the rally OutFront Minnesota organized to protest her homophobic legislative tendencies. Her excuse: she was just sitting to rest because her heels were killing her. Right.

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