10 Biggest bummers of the decade for Minnesota

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The recession, the War on Terror, the Bush Presidency: it's been a rough decade for the nation. And lest we think all the woes were at the national level, we've compiled a list of bummers specifically for us Minnesotans. Here's the local events that got us down this decade, from the merely sad to the downright horrific:

vet for peace via Flickr.com
The 2008 RNC
The one thing that unified Minnesotans during a tumultous 2008 Presidential campaign season was that the RNC was a colossal pain in the ass. The right could grouse about the moronic self-styled "anarchists" who attempted to voice their dissent by smashing the windows of Macy's while the left could point at the overboard police tactics that saw journalists needlessly detained. And everyone who worked or lived in or near downtown St. Paul could fume at the nightmarish clusterfuck of security checkpoints, disorienting barricades and tangled-up traffic detours that made everyday living that much more irritating for one week in late summer. But hey, at least we all got to see the major-league debut of oratorial powerhouse Sarah Palin.
Steve Cohen
Uptown Bar and Cafe closes
First they lost their porch to the sporting goods/camping store next door. Then they were unable to transfer their liquor license over to a potential new location down the street due to bureaucracy. They faced their death as they lived: with music and beer every night. But like all good things, it couldn't last. On Monday, November 16 a bulldozer ungratiously plowed through the beloved music venue and bar, leaving a hole in our hearts that cannot be replaced by a retail unit or parking ramp. We salute you with our pint glasses.

Phillip Werst
Tornado of 2009 
During the summer of 2009, a tornado came down Portland Avenue without much warning at all and smashed up the Electric Fetus, as well as many peoples' homes. We even heard someone joke, "Even the tornado didn't want to take I35," the construction there just another bummer we've had to deal with in recent years. Given that tornadoes rarely strike metropolitan areas, it was a scary reminder that we are puny humans easily crushed by forces of nature.

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