Republican insiders suggest Bachmann, Beck Palin pipe down

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A group of congressional Republican insiders tells The Hill that their "lovable little fuzzball" Michele Bachmann really ought to pipe down. And so should Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, by the way. Maybe they're concerned that one of her outbursts recently got tagged as a Top 10 lie of the year.

The Hill is a way-inside-the-Beltway journal. It publishes these kinds of polls from time to time based on interviews with a long list of lawmakers and assorted behind-the-scenes deal-makers. The question at hand: Which voice in your party would you most like to mute?

No one - 16 percent
Michele Bachmann - 11
Glenn Beck - 11
Steve King - 11
Sarah Palin - 11
Tom Price - 11

Joe Lieberman - 22 percent
Dennis Kucinich - 19
Sheila Jackson Lee - 13
No one - 13
Bart Stupak - 6

Odd fact: Bachmann is listed as being among The Hill's GOP insiders. She's also the only Minnesotan of either party to make The Hill's insider list. You can see who else is on the list by clicking here. And, here she is piping up:

It's been a busy week for the District 6 congresswoman. She warned darkly of an ACORN plot to help regulate the nation's banking industry, declared in a conference call that socialists "can't have our country" and protested the New York trial of the alleged 9/11 mastermind.

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