Sarah Palin almost signs City Pages "Going Crazy" parody issue

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Nick Vlcek
Sarah Palin with a November 18th issue of City Pages
The crowd wasn't as big as we'd expected at the Mall of America. Only around 1,000 folks dutifully lined up to get Sarah Palin's autograph, armed with their wristbands that indicated they'd purchased a copy of her new book, Going Rogue, from the MOA Barnes and Noble. Sadly, Palin didn't do anything wacky, just signed her name.

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But there was one spot of hilarity. One of the attendees brought a copy of the Nov. 18 issue of City Pages. That's the one where we parodied Going Rogue's cover, subbing in Michele Bachmann for the former VP candidate and changing the title to Going Crazy.

When our unknown hero presented the issue to Palin, she smiled vapidly at everyone and started to sign it, apparently not noticing it wasn't her face on the cover image. Unfortunately one of her handlers yanked the paper away at the last second and tossed it in the corner.

We're a bit sad - that issue would probably be a hot collectors item.

For more photos of Palin's appearance, check out our slideshow.

Nick Vlcek
The issue lies sadly discarded and unsigned near Palin's table

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