Stag partiers rip off and lay waste Luxemburg bar's Santa Claus

Categories: Civil Society

By the time Stearns County deputies caught up with a bus used to ferry a couple of dozen guys around for stag party the other night, there was no sign of Santa Claus. Along with an elf, he disappeared about the same time that the partiers decamped from the Hayloft bar in Luxemburg.

No, not the real Santa. We're talking about a 100-pound, life-size figure here.

More from the Star Tribune:

One or more of the "hootin' and hollerin'" men at the stag party Saturday night "ripped Santa's beard off, ripped his hat off and took the bag of gifts off his shoulder," said Brian Stradtman, owner of the bar. "Who knows where the rest of Santa is?" ... By the time investigators caught up with the bus, it was back at Shady's, 35 miles northwest of the Hayloft. The 100-pound Santa and the much lighter elf did not survive the night, authorities said.

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