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If a picture can say 1,000 words, here's a whole lot of talkin'. Enjoy and we'll see you in 2010 at

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Timothy Norris

20. Coachella 2009: Half-Dressed People & Scenes from the Desert

Easily in the top three festivals in the country, Coachella 2009 did what it does best: Bring together the hipper-than-thou music lovers for three days of peaceful and desert-hot good times.

Stacy Schwartz
19. Art shots: F*ck You I Love Me unites jaded art kids on Valentine's

Not everyone was caked up with their lov-ah on Valentine's Day in Minneapolis in 2009. The Clapperclaw warehouse/gallery in downtown Minneapolis housed some jaded fun featuring DJ Loveless Aphrodite, Battle Royale, and Koo Koo Kanga.

18. Oh, snap: Lobbyists comment anonymously on Minnesota legislators 

Bradley Campbell's dish piece on Minnesota legislators through the eyes of local lobbyists made quite the splash last spring.  Lobbyists on Rep. Paul Thissen (left): "A real rock star. Any political wannabe would be smart to hitch his train. If he were governor, we'd be much better off." You hear that, T-Paw?

Patrick Strait

17. Sex World: The Photo Tour

This one marked the beginning of our twisted relationship with sex blogger Patrick Strait, who we sent to Sex World for his first assignment to find out what it's like to work there as the guy that cleans up the booths. While he was there, he snapped some photos and that ended up being the most popular part of the package. We kind of thought many of ya'll were regular visitors, but go figure.


16. Bodies exhibit makes controversial debut at MOA

Paris banned the exhibit because they said it disrespectfully displayed human corpses for profit. Ticket sales -- and our traffic on this slideshow -- says you think otherwise. 

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