Two vehicles belonging to same couple hit and kill motorist

Categories: Transportation
Photo by coincidenceUNO
A man whose identity has not yet been made public was killed on Wednesday in rural Stearns County after his car was struck twice by two separate vehicles being driven by members of the same family. To which Lt. Jon Lentz of the Stearns County Sheriff's Office remarked to the Star Tribune, "Sometimes, that's small-town life."

Evidently, the man was inspecting damage to his van after a fender bender with Theresa Litchy, of Holdingford, when Larry Litchy drove past the scene and struck him, killing him. "I was going to pick up my granddaughters from school and [Larry] was on his way home from work," Theresa Litchy told the Star Tribune. "He just happened to pass."

The accident happened Wednesday afternoon near Holdingford, a town of about 700 residents. Police said the man was dead by the time emergency crews arrived.

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