Wisconsin man in online porn case gets browser "history" lesson

browser 3376956889_99d9218983.jpg
Photo by Spencer E Holtaway
David Cole's girlfriend gave him a useful lesson the other day in navigating the Internet: If you're going to check out online kiddie porn, at least have the sense to delete your browser history when you're done with your business. Police, meanwhile, gave the 42-year-old La Crosse man a more serious message: If you're going to download kiddy porn, you're going to get arrested.

Cole now faces criminal charges after investigators found sexually graphic videos of children on his computer. Some of the children in the videos were as young as 7 years old. He told La Crosse police he was "tired of adult pornography," and that he knows he has a problem and needs help.

The La Crosse Tribune reported that Cole remains free on bond pending a court date next Wednesday.

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