Austrians can't ski faster than Lindsey Vonn, so they needle her weight

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Minnesota's very own skiing phenom Lindsey Vonn, racking up World Cup wins and scary-as-hell falls on her way to the Winter Olympics next month in Vancouver, is pissing off Austria's ski coaches so bad that they resorted to complaining about her weight.

The sniping came after she cleaned everyone's clocks in three days of racing in Haus im Ennstal, Austria, last weekend. The coaches have since apologized.

Vonn, who grew up racing through the gates at humble Buck Hill in Burnsville, now has enough World Cup wins -- 28 -- to pass Phil Mahre and put her within striking distance of Bode Miller's record of 31. She's also carrying a lot of U.S. hopes for gold medals in Vancouver.

Want to see Lindsey fly? Check this video:

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