D&D banned at Wis. prison because it promotes gang activity

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Ever said this to yourself? "Well at least if I go to jail for life I can play Dungeons and Dragons till I die."

False. Your life will have nothing to do with D&D magic if you are behind bars in one Wisconsin prison. Why you ask? The role-playing game promotes gang activity. Ah yes, should have known those D&D kids were up to something bigger than monster figurines and not having real friends.

Kevin T. Singer, a 33-year-old convicted murderer, sued after Waupun prison officials told him in 2004 that D&D was not allowed. Singer says he is a very serious D&D player. He wanted his materials back and said the confiscation violated his First Amendement rights.

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the prison today, saying it was a reasonable policy.

Although we don't usually sympathize with convicted murderers, we're predicting a slippery slope of game confiscation. What next? Take away "Sorry" because it encourages players to screw over their friends in their quest to win it all?

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