Favre convinces Vikings to wear Wranglers at Sunday's game

Jared Allen: He's gonna love this.
Photo by Jonathan Kaminsky
Coming into this weekend's NFC Championship game at New Orleans, the Minnesota Vikings seem comfortable... a little too comfortable. As it turns out, the players are going to wear Wrangler Jeans during the upcoming game. (Watch the video here.)

ESPN contributor Kenny Mayne's visit to the Vikings Eden Prairie practice facility gave a playful look at how much pride our players are willing to sacrifice to conform to number 4's wishes, and in the process gave Wrangler a few unofficial spokespeople.

Jared Allen, standing in thigh-high jean shorts and a greasy ass mullet, seems open to the idea:

Jared Allen: There is one concern, and that's the chafing. 'Cuz I don't exactly wear "undergarments.'"

Kenny Mayne: But you decided to rock the Jorts?

Jared Allen: Yeah, why wouldn't I? I make bold decisions. You of all people should know that right now.

As for the scuffle between Childress and Favre a few weeks ago:

Brad Childress: Oh, it was nothing. Certainly nothing that a pair of acid washed Wranglers couldn't take care of.

Wrangler certainly ate it up. Just look at what they posted on their facebook page:

"Want to dress like the Vikings? If you watched the ESPN video we posted Monday, you probably noticed the great-looking Wrangler jeans Brett apparently convinced his teammates to wear.
Let's just hope Allen doesn't use his influence to get the team to adopt his hairstyle. 

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