Cartoon: Michele Bachmann can teach you "how to speak teabag"

bachmann speaks teabag.JPG
CNN's wingnut of the year, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, has earned a place in an animated cartoon called, "How to speak teabag" in the opinion section of National Public Radio's Web site. In a nutshell, the narrator calmly suggests that, rather than trying to think through complicated policy issues, you just need to shout "socialist!" and "Nazi!" to "speak teabag."

Bachmann enters the story line about half-way through the video, in a section that asks visitors not to be impolite by asking teabaggers where their campaign contributions come from.

As you can probably imagine, even though its clearly marked as commentary, and even though its contributors include the conservative opinion journal National Review, commenters on the page are going nuts with charges of liberal bias.

Folks, it's supposed to be biased. Check it out here.

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