Peace-supporting Burnsville horn honker may face 90 days in jail

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Photo: ginnerobot/Flickr
Robert Palmer was driving through Burnsville's busy Nicollet Avenue-Burnsville Parkway intersection on June 30 last year when he honked his car horn in support of peace activists who have held a vigil there every Tuesday since 2007. Big mistake.

For his civic-mindedness, Palmer now faces a possible 90 days in jail after getting a ticket from the Burnsville cops, the Twin Cities Daily Planet reports.

The suburban city's police chief says the case is about enforcing a state law mandating that horn honking be restricted to motorist warnings.

Howard Bass, Palmer's lawyer and a board member of the American Civil Liberties Union, says Burnsville is trying to squash free speech.

Palmer is awaiting a trial date. But he may be in good hands with Bass, who previously won a dismissal for a woman who was ticketed at the intersection in 2008, also after honking for peace.

Here's Bass being interviewed on The Uptake:

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