Mighty Boosh, Fraggle Rock & more: The best TV shows to watch stoned

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When was the last time you heard of a pothead sparking up a fat one and heading out for an epic hike up the nearest hillside? Hell, it's hard enough to put on a matching pair of sneakers and walk half a block for a bag of delicious Funyuns. So in the spirit of our cover story this week, we polled our greenest friends and came up with the best candy for the bloodshot slits you call eyes. Enjoy!
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5.  Trailer Park Boys:
While the Coke-bottle stare of Bubbles (center) is this Canadian TV show's unmistakable trademark, it's Ricky (left) that gets the party started every episode with one-liners that are hilariously mispronounced ("Rickyisms"). Sure, there's copious amounts of weed stuffed into every scene, but even non-stoners can appreciate the trailer park humor and the Canadian accents (and here you thought only backwoods America got down like that). Here's a game: Toke every time they say "about". 

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