St. Cloud man puts beat down on flat-panel TV in Target store

Categories: Crime

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Photo: straybullet/Flickr
What is it about flat-panel TVs that drives men to violence? You may remember that, back in November, a man uttering "hammer, hammer, hammer," roamed through a Target store in Winona, smashing flat-panel TV setts. Chicagoan Jerome Charles Eberle, 39, told police he barely remembered a thing about his rampage.

Now we have Jorge Ozornia, who faces possible first-degree criminal damage to property charges after he took a baseball bat to flat-panel TV at a Target store in St. Cloud. The TV was valued at $1,229, according to a report in the St. Cloud Times.

Store employees told police that Ozornia said he wanted to get into trouble before he grabbed the bat and went to work.

Sounds like he got his wish.

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