Craig J. Meyers' body pulled from Mississippi River in La Crosse; serial drowning?

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water abstract 3098535628_bbe4118bf3.jpg
Photo: lepiaf.geo/Flickr
The rumors of a serial drowner on the loose in La Crosse are bubbling to the surface again after the body of 21-year-old Western Technical College student Craig J. Meyers was pulled from the Mississippi River bottom yesterday.

The La Crosse Tribune reported that Meyers went missing after attending a wedding reception at a La Crosse bowling alley, and visiting two bars on Saturday night. A bloodhound tracked Meyers' scent to river, where police found footprints leading out to the icy river.

Eight drunken men have drowned in the Mississippi in the LaCrosse area since 1997: Richard Hlavaty, 19; Charles Blatz, 28; Anthony Skifton, 19; Nathan Kapfer, 20; Jeffrey Geesey, 20; Patrick Runingen, 23; Jared Dion, 21; and Luke Homan, 21. An FBI report on the deaths discounted notions of a serial drowner.

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