Deborah Smith, April Bezdichek settle orgy lawsuit against Hilton executives

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So much for the fallout from that sticky Hilton orgy. According to court papers, Deborah Smith and April Bezdichek have settled their lawsuits against the company and one of its managers after they walked in on a big ol' sex party for Hilton executives at its Minneapolis property in 2007.

From Bezdichek's complaint:

After she came into the room, Defendant Manager Vennewitz pulled her onto his lap and pumped her up and down on his erect penis. He told her how good it felt and tried to physically force her up to a hotel room.

From Smith's complaint:

When Smith opened the door to the banquet room, she saw various Hilton executives inebriated and engaging in sexual acts. In fact, she observed Hilton executives on top of a table engaging in sexual activity.

Bezdichek sued for sexual harassment, assault, invasion of privacy, battery conduct, negligence, and retaliation. After reporting the incidents, she said she was no longer called in for shifts and resigned. Smith claims she walked in on the banquet orgy and was then fired from her job when she reported it.

Goodbye to all that, the Strib reports.

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