Lindsey Vonn shows the New York Times "Minnesota nice"

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Screengrab via NYT
Yes, yes, she has a fancy schmancy condo in Vail, Colorado, but Lindsey Vonn is ours. When she hurtles down Canadian mountainsides in pursuit of gold medals and Olympic glory next week in Vancouver, you can bet every kid who ever ran gates at Buck Hill, as she did, will be cheering her on. And when she's interviewed by The New York Times, she makes Minnesota nice -- polite answer on the outside, thoroughly bugged on the inside:

Having spent much of her childhood in Apple Valley, Minn., Vonn is "Minnesota nice." But privately, she'll reveal that having to constantly talk about Miller's Olympian misadventure irks her. I found that out at lunch with her in New York last year, when I brought it up. She put down her sandwich and nearly snorted. "I know what I'm not," Vonn said, "and I am definitely not him." The conversation drifted away, but a minute later, she steered it back. "He was partying nights before Olympic races," she said, her voice rising. "What was he thinking? I can tell you, I'm not going to be the one that says it doesn't matter if I win an Olympic medal. I know what that means to me and to the country. The Olympics are huge."

Vonn's due in the starting gate of the ladies' super combined downhill on Valentines Day, Feb. 14.

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