Michele Bachmann toilet paper yours for $9.95 a roll

bachmann toilet paper.jpg
Wow. We've taken some shots at Michele Bachmann, but we've never hit this far below the belt: A site called DemStore.com is offering rolls of toilet paper imprinted with Bachmann's smiling visage on every sheet for $9.95 a roll. There's a snappy call to action, too: "Wipe Away Ignorance, Don't Be Anti-American, Do Your Duty... Dump Michele Bachmann!"

Similar fine products are offered in the names of George W. Bush ("Bring 'em on"), Dick Cheney ("I had other priorities in the sixties than military service", John McCain ("Keep fighting the good fight") and Sarah Palin ("You betcha!").

The partisan home hygiene products are part of a larger online store selling everything from from conventional Barack Obama bumper stickers to Democratic Party literature, but it's not at all clear whether the site is attached to Democratic candidates or party, so don't assume you're making a campaign contribution if you purchasae the TP. More likely, you're doing your patriotic duty buy engaging in a little market-driven free enterprise.

(Hat tip: Dump Bachmann.)

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