Tim Pawlenty: "I don't do well in straw polls."

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Tim Pawlenty didn't do so hot at the Conservative Political Action Conference's straw poll this weekend. He came in fourth. A distant fourth. Ron Paul came in first with 31 percent, followed by Mitt Romney (22 percent) and Sarah Palin (7 percent). T-Paw tied with "other" with 6 percent.

But T-Paw isn't worried, telling Pat Robertson's cbn.com today that he "doesn't do well in straw polls." And why is that?

"Most people around the country don't know who I am," he said.

True enough. But that will soon change. As we've opined before, Pawlenty will probably make a formidable candidate once the party machinery starts churning and his national profile rises.

Watch the interview here.

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