Vonn's gone, but Minnesotans will be everywhere in Vancouver

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We all know that super awesome -- and hot -- U.S. ski racer Lindsey Vonn cut her teeth on the suburban slopes of Buck Hill. And if the Germans hate on her again with cracks about he weight, we'll reserve a special table in hell for them -- even if she calls Colorado home and she's not listed as a Minnesotan by U.S. Olympic team. But even without her, the land of 10,000 lakes, hockey rinks and ski trails will be well represented in Vancouver:

(Hat tip MPR)

  • Rebekah Bradford; Apple Valley, Minn.; Speedskating (LT)

  • Wynn Roberts; Battle Lake, Minn.; Biathlon

  • Natalie Nicholson; Bemidji, Minn.; Curling

  • David Backes; Blaine, Minn.; Ice Hockey

  • Erik Johnson; Bloomington, Minn.; Ice Hockey

  • John Shuster; Chisholm, Minn.; Curling

  • Jason Smith; Chisholm, Minn.; Curling

  • Jamie Langenbrunner; Cloquet, Minn.; Ice Hockey

  • Jeff Isaacson; Duluth, Minn.; Curling

  • Chris Plys; Duluth, Minn.; Curling

  • Natalie Darwitz; Eagan, Minn.; Ice Hockey

  • Allison Pottinger; Eden Prairie, Minn.; Curling

  • Jenny Potter; Edina, Minn.; Ice Hockey

  • Kaylin Richardson; Edina, Minn.; Skiing - Alpine

  • Caitlin Compton; Minneapolis, Minn.; Skiing - Cross Country

  • Garrot Kuzzy; Minneapolis, Minn.; Skiing - Cross Country

  • Zach Parise; Prior Lake, Minn.; Ice Hockey

  • John Benton; St. Michael, Minn.; Curling

  • Gigi Marvin; Warroad, Minn.; Ice Hockey

  • Tony Benshoof; White Bear Lake, Minn.; Luge

  • Paul Martin, Elk River, Minn.; Ice Hockey

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